The Internet of Things (IoT) platform is one of the most important technology trends to emerge over the last decade. We are surrounded by connected things — electronic devices, home appliances, automobiles, utilitarian devices, factory equipment, and the list goes on. With endless applications of connected IoT connections driving the market, and billions more expected in the coming years, IoT affects every industry, every vertical, and every aspect of our lives.

At its core, IoT involves connecting edge-based things, so they can communicate with each other.


Cellular IoT has advanced the old world of Point-to-Point networks that allowed communications solutions between network end points. Now, IoT can facilitate communication between things on domestic and interconnected networks without requiring point-to-point connections.

Connectivity is critical to any IoT project.

AireSpring IoT network solution partner AT&T is an elite network designed to cover all aspects of IoT service requirements.

AireSpring Wireless’ Internet of Things (IoT) Connectivity Management solution is a multi-vendor, multilayer service that enables you to manage all your IoT and deployments for all IoT cellular applications. IoT solutions provide a new level of efficiencies and increased performance for businesses managing Machine to Machine (M2M), sensors, monitors, and GPS logistics applications.

IoT Connectivity Solutions


Standard pricing & custom use case offerings


Small consumption use-case applications


Data only


Failover & Primary

Cloud Platform and API Structure (White Label)


Brandable Portal or API Access


Complete OSS functionality


Consumer & Enterprise

AireSpring Wireless’ Internet of Things (IoT) solution is a flexible, scalable, multi-tenant environment using a state-of-the-art cloud-based platform. It is designed so any device, software, or connectivity type can be rapidly integrated, deployed, and secured with all device components of IoT applications.

AireSpring Wireless provides all the IoT components necessary for enterprises, service providers, and municipalities to deploy their solutions and maximize the benefits of their IoT strategies.


AT&T IOT network is the most robust US networks with a complete international converge the address Multinational & country opportunities. , multi network connectivity over cellular (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G), Powerful Connectivity Management Platform.


Providing a single-entry point for IoT partners.


Self-service portal provided for IoT partners


Full control to manage and monitor connectivity and related service aspects (Irating, billing, reporting, provisioning, logistics).

IoT Products

AireSpring enables you to address all cellular IoT connectivity applications.

AT&T Jasper Network


Mb and Gb pricing


IoT use case pricing


All SIM sizes and eSIM


Flat rate bundles and pooling options

IoT Platform

IoT Provisioning & Management

AireSpring Wireless’ Internet of Things (IoT) Provisioning & Management Platform is flexible, scalable and uses state-of-the-art connectivity technologies that enable you to launch quickly and easily connect and manage your IoT services.

AireSpring Wireless also provides integration for other connectivity environments, including:




Cellular Broadband


Anomaly Detection

  • Usage Based Anomaly Detection 
  • Customized Notifications

Business Process Automation

  • Connectivity Process Automation 
  • Business Process Automation

Device Management

  • Edge Device Router Management

Analytics & Reporting

  • Historical Data & Trends 
  • Reporting and Action Analytics 
  • Interactive Query Engine 
  • Data Enrichment & Segmentation 
  • Line Level Cost Allocation 
  • Customized Analytics/Widgets 
  • GSMA Database 
  • Real Time Lookups 

Cross Carrier Actions

  • Action and Automation 
  • Bulk SMS Messaging 
  • Forced Reconnection of Devices to the Network 
  • Normalized Carrier Actions 
  • Device Lifecycle Management 
  • Unlimited Bulk Actions 

Single Pane of Glass

  • Cross Carrier Single Pane of Glass 
  • Multiple Account Visibility, Action and Automation 
  • APIaaS & Bring Your Own Network (BYON) 
  • Unlimited Customer / Department Hierarchy (L1-6) 
  • Custom Carrier Integration 
  • Customized API Integrations (Simetric Platform APIs)