Public Sector

Communications technologies such as cellular-based Internet of Things (IoT) continue to play an integral role for enterprises and in everyday life. This is especially true in the public sector where such technologies are increasingly relied upon to power economic efficiencies, bolster productivity, and improve quality of life for citizens. Smart cities, for example, use IoT technology to control traffic, facilitate sanitation, and increase efficiencies in many other areas of government. AireSpring’s MVNO solutions?? XXX

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Case Study Title

IoT is revolutionizing the transportation industry with GPS and logistics intelligence mobility networks. Businesses like shipping companies can optimize their fleet management and enable real-time tracking.

IoT sensors and monitoring capabilities technologies for trucks, trains and ships enable transportation companies to analyze drives and staff with performance insight into fuel consumption, transport time, average time between stops and deliveries, and more. AireSpring’s MVNO solutions ??XXX